JQuery Effects in a JSF Application


Nowadays whenever I surf the net, I am crossing an article about Jquery. The reason is JQuery relishes our application in a fascinated manner that tempts me to ponder the internet to find the ways to implement JQuery in a JSF application. Eventually I found that Richfaces component library provides an easiest way to implement JQuery in a JSF application.

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About Gift Sam
I am Gift Samuel Asir, currently employing as J2EE Analyst for a concern in Malaysia. Having Master of Computer Applications degree since 2007 , still hardly learning a bit wide in the day to day life to achieve a greater landmark in the Information Highway. I was Born in Palayamkotai, Tamil Nadu(India) on June 1984. Did my Bachelor Degree in Sivakasi and schoolings in Tuticorin. My Passions: To Bring Innovations Wherever I Go And to Get Ten Patents Atleast!!

6 Responses to JQuery Effects in a JSF Application

  1. Hi, I think you’re missing PrimeFaces Effect which used jquery effects with built-in p:effect component, so you don’t need to write javascript. It’s much simpler.





  2. Gift Sam says:

    Hi cagataycivici,
    Thanks for your comment. Instead of saying “I like primefaces components”, I should say “I love Primefaces components” and also I am familiar with all the Primefaces components including p:effect component(Really amazing). I can clearly see, Day by day Primefaces is achieving its greater landmark. In this article I just explained the steps to implement Jquery effects in Richfaces.

  3. césar says:

    You can also use the richfaces effect tag instead of writing the js. But if you use CSS then just use jQuery’s toggle or slideToggle instead of checking if an element is hidden or not manually.

  4. Rudra says:

    Very good article. Thanks a lot.

  5. sushant says:

    Hi sam,
    Its really good article. Sam, I am developing rich web application using JBOss seam, Richfaces and Primefaces. I want to use Jquery range slider from filament group (http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/update_jquery_ui_slider_from_a_select_element_now_with_aria_support//) in my application. I tried the way you showed me to integrate jquery in richfaces. But i am not able to integrate this slider in my application. Please help me. Can you give me any idea or any code for this range slider in richfaces.

  6. sushant says:

    Oh forgot to say thanks a lot.

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