Charts in JSF using Primefaces


In the Previous days the charts can be created in the JSF application with the use of JSF Chart Creator, But now while surfing the net the peoples suggested to get rid of JSF Chart Creator and to focus on Primefaces charts. Definitely I am sure Primefaces provides the easiest ways to create charts components in a JSF application which is based on flash based YUI charts. In this article we are going to construct the most commonly used chart types in a JSF application with the use of Primefaces.

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About Gift Sam
I am Gift Samuel Asir, currently employing as J2EE Analyst for a concern in Malaysia. Having Master of Computer Applications degree since 2007 , still hardly learning a bit wide in the day to day life to achieve a greater landmark in the Information Highway. I was Born in Palayamkotai, Tamil Nadu(India) on June 1984. Did my Bachelor Degree in Sivakasi and schoolings in Tuticorin. My Passions: To Bring Innovations Wherever I Go And to Get Ten Patents Atleast!!

11 Responses to Charts in JSF using Primefaces

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  2. Thanks for the great article, I’ll add this to PrimeFaces articles wiki.

  3. Gift Sam says:

    Hi cagatay.civici, Thank you for honouring my article!!

  4. In addition to Flash Charts, PrimeFaces also provides a simple bridge to use JFreeChart with JSF using p:graphicImage.

  5. Gift Sam says:

    Hi cagatay.civici,
    Wow!! Thats a great feature. Thanks for sharing this.

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  8. Batista says:

    Hey man, how to use this for chart, because i try from many forms and nothing!, what’s jar file are necessary for this examples.
    I am using in netbeans + tomcat-6.0.20, i have not error
    but, my chart does not show, only white area

    thanks for help

  9. Goutam says:

    I am trying to integrate primeface 0.9.3 with myFaces – 1.2.5, richfaces 3.3.1 , facelets 1.1.11.

    I have most of the things figured out. But I can’t get the chart to display. Upon further research using the demo/showcase… I observed that the main difference is with the JSF 2.0 and JSF 1.0

    Here is my xhtml

    Hello World

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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